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Gerry was born in Yorkshire England in 1937.  He grew up during the war years and moved many times throughout the country as his father was in the RAF. This meant he attended many schools.  His family was transferred to Germany during the 1950s where he went to boarding school.  In the late 1950s he gained an apprenticeship at Fairey Aviation, in London. This meant he had to leave his family and travel back on his own. He attended London University for three years, studying Aeronautical Engineering.


In 1962 he married and thought he would settle in England. In 1964 his first daughter was born. After this big event he and his wife decided to migrate. The initial plan was to go to New Zealand but he couldn’t find employment there so the nearest place was Australia with the idea that eventually they would be able to go to NZ.  They arrived in Melbourne on Anzac Day 1965.  More than 50 years later they still haven’t made it to New Zealand.


They lived in Tasmania for some years where their 2nd daughter was born. Work ran out so a move to Victoria eventuated. 


Over the subsequent 40 years he worked on many projects in the engineering field, including the petroleum industry, the FA18   fighter bomber and finally on the present Commonwealth Serum Laboratory.  He retired and needed to find a hobby and spent many years researching their family trees, finding a few skeletons during the process. 


After his daughters married and left home Gerry and his wife became ‘grey nomads’ criss-crossing this wonderful country with their caravan.  20 years later it’s time to stay home, he had to keep busy.  He decided to put his daughter's Magic Bridge bedtime stories into print for others to enjoy. 


In 2012 he had a stent fitted in a heart artery, that didn’t slow him down. He was determined to get fit. This led to a motivational book to help others either to recoup from similar heart problems or to change their overall shape and keep healthy. Hence the birth of Destination Better Health.


He now lives in SE Queensland where he has enjoyed developing a 1 acre garden.


my name is Gerry Couzens


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