"For me, personally, it wasn't so much a medical diagnosis, that eventually got me exercising, as Gerry suggests his readers do, but rather, it was more the fact, that I didn't like the look of my own unhealthy reflection staring back at me, in the mirror!

Therefore, having written about my own experience, with the delights of walking as a healthy exercise, I certainly enjoyed reading Gerry's comparison of "an old banger of a car to an old banger of the body ... you can always get a new car, but you cannot get a new body!" Brilliant! Well said.

I also enjoyed reading how Gerry described the scenery as he passed through each town. Even noting the parking meters in Mount Isa. And all this from simply walking around his own neighbourhood streets, while using Google Maps as a distraction to an otherwise boring walk around the same streets, while passing the same scenery - boring!

It reminded me much of what I wrote about my own personal walking challenges, such as how I would utilise those boring walks to mentally write the next chapter of my own book of life experiences. So while my daily walks were often quite boring, with seeing the same boring scenery every time, I still felt mentally, as well as physically stimulated, by keeping my mind active for the entire time that I walked, which of course, helped to alleviate the boredom.

And lastly, while I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gerry's book. Did I mention that I enjoyed reading his book? I did wish, however, that his book could have been slightly longer, with a few more pages, perhaps, because I really did enjoy reading all about Gerry's walking adventures, around Australia, through the use of Google Maps, that I really didn't want the journey to end, so soon. But, other than that, I certainly enjoyed reading what he wrote. Well done Gerry."

– Heather Golding, author


Author Gerry Couzens has always led a normal, busy, and relatively healthy life. However, at age 71 he started having chest pain – the cause was a partially blocked artery. After his operation, Gerry’s doctor insisted that he exercise more.


Gerry knew walking daily was the easiest way to incorporate exercise into his life – but walking is boring. So Gerry set his sights on achieving something big – a 3,400 km walk, from Brisbane to Darwin.


Walking the streets in his neighbourhood every day, Gerry used Google Maps to track his Destination – Darwin walk from town to town as he racked up the kilometres.


Four years, four pairs of runners, and 3,420 kilometres later, Gerry achieved his goal. Now he wants to share this motivational tool with you.


Exclusive signed copy for first print run only.


"Thanks, Gerry, for a very useful tool to motivate myself to do what we all know we should be doing if we are not living a physically active life.

You personally are an inspiration, and the destinations in your booklet are ready to be ticked off.


Couple of suggestions: Measure the distance of your walk using your car's odometer. If you have friends in other towns, you can maybe race them from Sydney to Brisbane!"

– Mike, 65 yrs, 1 heart attack.

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