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Saturdays, 7 am. Yarrabilba Parkrun


“Why not join your local Parkrun? There are many throughout Australia and the world. It will add more interest to your Destination - Better Health walk and you will meet others with the same goals.


I take part in my local Parkrun, the Yarrabilba Parkrun, as often as possible.”

– Gerry

"Asha Mahasuria of Territory Trails Inc. has invited me to take part in the Litchfield Table Top Track Half and Ultra Marathon held on the 11th of June at Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory.

However, as the marathon is through rugged bush terrain, and for runners only, I will be participating with special conditions. Firstly, I will be the only walker. Secondly, I won't be completing the marathon in Litchfield National Park. Instead, I will be completing the marathon as a Destination - Better Health walk, on my local streets in South East Queensland. 

The course is 50 km long, so I will start walking on 29th May and finishing on June 11th.

Follow my updates on Facebook as I complete my scenic Destination - Better Health walk through Litchfield National Park."

 - Gerry Couzens

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